Another Tom Waits

I think it’s time to face it … my obsession has left all previous obsessions in the dust. I really hope it doesn’t fade because I’ll be left with 10 million drawings and no idea what to do with them.     Progress pictures: 1.) Basic shaping and beginning of the shading. A little experimenting … More Another Tom Waits

Westworld Dolores

Sorry about the over exposure. A little too pastly to put in the scanner as is XD This is a present for my old man … hope he doesn’t visit here first. Really disappointed in it. I think I might have to draw him something else too, in the mediums I’m experienced in.     … More Westworld Dolores

Realism: 11th Doctor

Makes a change from the 12th XD … but damn, Peter is so flipping awesome! Choose this because I loved the shading. Also had another with him and David Tennant but haven’t gotten around to making it yet. (current job makes things a little hard, so limited time to pursue ALL my pleasures) Charcoal

Realism: Old Piano

  Old Piano artwork. A2 white paper, graphite and black pencil (i think it might be a pastle pencil, was expensive enough!) If anyone finds themselves in Dunolly, Victoria over ANZAC weekend this will be on display along with more of my work (and other local artists) at the courthouse as part of the Tiny Towns Art Trail.  … More Realism: Old Piano