Art Portfolio

Danielle Barnham’s Portfolio Comprehensive view of my artwork Categories: 1 Realism: Graphite and Photoshop Colouring 2 Tattooing Design: 3 Cartoons, Animating and Comics 4 Miscellaneous  *** 1 Realism: Graphite and Photoshop Colouring Music Pop Culture: *** 2 Tattooing Design The two below are both designs I made for myself. Swords and Dragons were part of … More Art Portfolio

Hulk Ragnarok

    I don’t even know how to categorise this one. It’s not exactly realism is it. Lol. Just chuck it into Cartoon and Sketches. Been a while since my last post. But I have good news and bad news. I’m not job searching again so more time to work on my art (that’s both … More Hulk Ragnarok

Another Tom Waits

I think it’s time to face it … my obsession has left all previous obsessions in the dust. I really hope it doesn’t fade because I’ll be left with 10 million drawings and no idea what to do with them.     Progress pictures: 1.) Basic shaping and beginning of the shading. A little experimenting … More Another Tom Waits