Art Portfolio

Danielle Barnham’s Portfolio Comprehensive view of my artwork Categories: 1 Realism: Graphite and Photoshop Colouring 2 Tattooing Design: 3 Cartoons, Animating and Comics 4 Miscellaneous  *** 1 Realism: Graphite and Photoshop Colouring Music Pop Culture: *** 2 Tattooing Design The two below are both designs I made for myself. Swords and Dragons were part of … More Art Portfolio

Another Tom Waits

I think it’s time to face it … my obsession has left all previous obsessions in the dust. I really hope it doesn’t fade because I’ll be left with 10 million drawings and no idea what to do with them.     Progress pictures: 1.) Basic shaping and beginning of the shading. A little experimenting … More Another Tom Waits

Westworld Dolores

Sorry about the over exposure. A little too pastly to put in the scanner as is XD This is a present for my old man … hope he doesn’t visit here first. Really disappointed in it. I think I might have to draw him something else too, in the mediums I’m experienced in.     … More Westworld Dolores

Realism: 11th Doctor

Makes a change from the 12th XD … but damn, Peter is so flipping awesome! Choose this because I loved the shading. Also had another with him and David Tennant but haven’t gotten around to making it yet. (current job makes things a little hard, so limited time to pursue ALL my pleasures) Charcoal

Animation And Music

I’ve had a long standing goal … to combine my art with my music … but the entire concept seemed so large and overwhleming that I kept putting it off. That was until I got talking to a G+ friend about youtube, it got me excited and so I created this little teaser. It’s a … More Animation And Music