Art Portfolio

Danielle Barnham’s Portfolio Comprehensive view of my artwork Categories: 1 Realism: Graphite and Photoshop Colouring 2 Tattooing Design: 3 Cartoons, Animating and Comics 4 Miscellaneous  *** 1 Realism: Graphite and Photoshop Colouring Music Pop Culture: *** 2 Tattooing Design The two below are both designs I made for myself. Swords and Dragons were part of … More Art Portfolio

Realism: 11th Doctor

Makes a change from the 12th 😄 … but damn, Peter is so flipping awesome! Choose this because I loved the shading. Also had another with him and David Tennant but haven’t gotten around to making it yet. (current job makes things a little hard, so limited time to pursue ALL my pleasures) Charcoal

Animation And Music

I’ve had a long standing goal … to combine my art with my music … but the entire concept seemed so large and overwhleming that I kept putting it off. That was until I got talking to a G+ friend about youtube, it got me excited and so I created this little teaser. It’s a … More Animation And Music

Realism: Old Piano

  Old Piano artwork. A2 white paper, graphite and black pencil (i think it might be a pastle pencil, was expensive enough!) If anyone finds themselves in Dunolly, Victoria over ANZAC weekend this will be on display along with more of my work (and other local artists) at the courthouse as part of the Tiny Towns Art Trail.  … More Realism: Old Piano

Realism: Seriously? Another Tom? Get a Life Already!

NO! I like drawing Tom so 😛 *** 5th #TomWaits drawing complete (not including my little dancing Google animation) … I know, I know … but if I didn’t become obsessed I’d spend the entire day sleeping, so it’s not that bad, right? Right? RIGHT? (trying to justify my obsession here, please do support me with … More Realism: Seriously? Another Tom? Get a Life Already!