… What more can one say … I’m an artist.

I live downunder, but I’m not upside down. Though I’m fairly sure some would argue otherwise.


I have wide and varying interests, which is considered unusual for autistic folk. But I’m pretty damn shiny and awesome for my kind, I’m just likely to run and hide when people talk to me is all … or at least be very polite while you talk and think deep down inside “shit, shit, shit, what the shit?!” <<< bonus points if you know where that comes from.

I love music and physics, gaming and prospecting, rambling and snorkelling (well actually I don’t like snorkelling, never done it and if I tried I’d drown due to lack of any swimming prowess, but I like to think I’d like it) Writing and Camping. Pretending I’m Batman, laughing at my brother who also pretends he’s Batman (there can only be one and I was born before him!)

And collecting random and useless junk only to think years down the track “Why on Earth do I have all this shit?” … Well that should keep you satisfied and if not, than you can make stuff up as you go along. Feel free to add beat poet, astronaut, deadly assassin and noble patter of felines to the list.