The One and Only Nick Cave (Signed Art!)

Keeping this one quiet for so long was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done! But, Here it is. My special secret project. Not what you think right? But how frigging awesome is it!?

The Story:
Outside what occurred on my end I don’t know what’s truth but I’ll tell you how it was relayed to me. I drew this picture of Nick late last year. I had him on my list for a long time but I couldn’t stop drawing Tom Waits, (blasted crazy monkey, he is so damn drawable!)… But I got there in the end … Eventually.

Not long later I received a PM from my dad’s friend. He said, he knows Nick Cave’s brother. They’re mates and they shoot together (archery) … I was so damn excited. I knew someone who knew someone who was Nick’s Brother. Awesome right? Well I thought so.

Anyway, Nick was also preparing for a tour in Australia … of course him being one of three of my muso-heroes I had to go no matter the cost … and the cost was cheap … not only that but in my regional city! It was like all my Christmas’ had come at once … but ignore that for now. “Mutual friend of my Father’s” send a message back saying Nick’s brother liked it. The opportunity was too good to pass up. So I asked if it was possible to get him to sign it when he was here, not expecting anything, but gotta try right? My old man’s mutual friend said he’d ask.

The weeks past, I heard nothing and thought that nothing will come of it. It was ok, it was exciting in that moment. I saw Nick perform in Ballarat, it was beyond awesome: small outdoor venue, 30 metres away, he buggered up the lyrics to Red Right Hand, high range of my hearing permanently damaged – well worth it!) About a week later I missed a call mysterious, (I was shooting arrows, seems to be an archery theme here) … I called back, it was the Mutual Friend of my Father’s. He said “Guess what?” And me being quietly optimistic and imaginative said “What?” And he replied “Nick wants to met you” … lol, no he didn’t haha had you fooled! What he actually said was ” Nick’s Brother showed him your drawing and he loves it [Not sure if I should insert Nicks Bros name here so we’ll call him X from how on] ” Of course I didn’t believe him when he said Nick loved it, I thought it was rather ordinary (which most artist think about their work) but you know it was still a thrilling moment.

After some more talking (most of which I didn’t catch because I was too busy smiling from ear-to-ear for them to work) The word was, yes he’ll sign it, but I had to get it to him before Thursday as he was going home (it was Sunday) and then he said “he also wants one for himself” … that part confused me. I wasn’t sure who wanted one too. Nick, his Brother or my Dad’s mate. But I thought, it’s a small price to pay to get my work signed … but I was also freaking out. I only had 2 days to draw another. I was a little self conscious because I didn’t really like the drawing. But you know. When opportunity knocks. So I drew another and made sure it was better. I was a lot more happier with it despite the deadline.

Wednesday came. We met at a truck stop like a couple of drug dealers who didn’t give a damn about the world seeing our transaction. Handed the two drawings over to our mutual friend in a tube, requested the tube back as that’s what I use to ship my work … 2 hours later of archery talk (all him hahahaha … extroverts! I just talk lots of BS online 😛) I finally got to go home and relax. Following week I got a message … didn’t make it … damn it! … BUT that’s ok because X will send it across. … around 2 months went by … in my sadness I sent a message (thinking my drawings were lost or stolen) but a week later another message BANG! They’ve arrived.

Met Monday where we drunk to the gods of music for he had come through! (Ok no one did that but I wish we did) … anyway here I am, and it came in my original tube as requested XD I think I’ll skip reusing it. Oooh and guess which drawing Nick kept for himself … yeap, that’s right, the cooler one, word is he loves it, whether he was just being polite or not who knows, Probably in a musty old cobbed webbed draw with the hundreds of other fan works … still cool, bloody cool … Shame I don’t get to keep the better one. but I guess being the artist I could … tweak it if I really wanted … You know give him a Salvador Dali moustache or something.

And to think such a famous and busy man took the time out to do that for a fan. That’s what I think is the truly amazing story here. It just … leaves me speechless.

Best Birthday Present Ever!




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