Tattooing: Design and Sketches

The Sword and Dragon was a commission I received a couple of months ago. Was going to wait until the client got the tattoo done before posting, but I don’t think that will happen until midyear. katana_olderfile_jpgkatana_dragonjpg

It was a pretty difficult concept (for me) as she wanted super simple … I can’t help but make things complicated, as you can see with the images above/ The top 3 are my version of simple XD … but yeah she liked them all, but alas the reason behind simple was mainly a pain tolerance thing. She also wanted a dragon on the hilt … I found this really difficult, as the tattoo is rather thin and designed to run along her spin. The imagery just didn’t sit well, I made up lots of examples and some alternative ideas (this was before the simple order was reinforced XD) as a result I have several Dragon ideas that I rather like, in the end we dropped the dragon because of the limited space. I’m sure a talented tattooist out there could come up with something to put in.

The bottom right is redrawn plus a new dragon (the coloured one) which I made up just the other day. The middle top is also a sketch done yesterday based on the other dragon sword wrap. The top left is supposed to be an Eastern Dragon behind the sword, I need to research Eastern Dragons XD


On top of this I have ideas for myself … all still in the sketch mode. And I doubt I’ll ever have a job so I doubt I’ll ever afford it … I’m sure my family are happy for that.

This is the most worked through part … I’ve stopped at finishing the guitar as the next stage I wanted to be connected the the film Brazil, but alas there are no back views of Dream Sam Lorey, so I might have to improvise …

Body and arm sketches:

Finally playing around with closer arm look and the planets, which I’m considering outside the back/arms design

The left was a forearm or lower arm concept, same as the particle physics/DW design on the previous tattoo design. The circle up the top would contain a DW symbol, Seal of Rassilon or the TimeLord seal … the feather was to show roughly where the back wings wrapped around, as a guide really. It’s not the best design but it was only partially completed and just to give myself an idea.


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