Realism: Aussie Blues

Have to admit I’m rather embarrassed after I put them side by side for this post. The scan is horrible regardless. But it was the best I could do. I have a second rate A4 scanner which is cumbersome and makes life difficult, and the original drawing is larger than an A2 (So around 4-6 A4 sheets large)  … I usually do stitching anyway (making multiple scans of one piece and putting them together in photoshop) but that is usually A3 size which is much more user friendly.

On top of that, there are the off proportions. In part it was working with a larger paper size that I am unaccustomed too (and on top of that having a tiny workspace and no easel … I did discover that I can turn my old TV into a computer screen, which made life a little easier, but the quality is lost. Still it was good to try and get a basic line without being squished in a corner.

The other side of poor proportions … black paper means you can’t cheat XD … I should be ashamed of myself but when I find myself having issues with sizes I trace an outlie of basic important parts than move from there. You can’t do that with black paper … on top of that I was making a drawing from negative space, so that again is difficult.

The drawing itself isn’t bad, I like it … just not the scan or when you put it beside the original XD

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