Realism: Seriously? Another Tom? Get a Life Already!

NO! I like drawing Tom so 😛


5th #TomWaits drawing complete (not including my little dancing Google animation) … I know, I know … but if I didn’t become obsessed I’d spend the entire day sleeping, so it’s not that bad, right? Right? RIGHT? (trying to justify my obsession here, please do support me with encouraging words like: it’s ok Barnham, I too have a silly crush on an ancient musician who sounds like he gargles his gravel driveway for breakfast [assuming his driveway is gravel here, as I’m unable to physically stalk from half way across the world])

So, back on track … if you like my artwork, then please do support me through my Patreon account … $2 a month is all you need to sacrifice, that’s nothing. Can’t even buy a cup of coffee (do they sell them in halves?) … and if you rummage through other patron accounts you might be able spend the other half of that coffee on another artist/muso/writer you think it worthy of support … and the more support I get the more I can create beautiful Tom Wai—- I mean Beautiful drawings of people that aren’t just Tom … Oooh, and other kinds of art too if the demand is there.

You’re friendly local Rambler

#art #drawing #graphite #music (not even sure tags work here)

Note as you probably see I haven’t added any progress pictures. This will most likely be reserved for my Patrons, (if that takes off that is) … will probably add one or two here and there as part of this site being my online folio, but not much.


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