Cartoons, Sketches and Doodling

Here resides my more rough work. Anything from animating and characterisation designs to just rough sketches and what not.




EVERYTHING BELOW THIS POINT: contains art spanning probably a decade (or very close to)


Tom Waits Google Doodle:


Ptogress Animating 1 : (this clip is taken from FB so I hope it works)

Progress animating 2 :(this clip is taken from FB so I hope it works)

Finished Clip:

Hungry Tiger Loop:
(I don’t have any of my earlier work for this piece as I misplaced it. This was my first actual animation, so pretty stoked in it)

Island Adventures:
This is a little animatic project I did at uni with a few other people. The drawings and GIFS are some of my contribution and the end product is all our work put together. It’s rough and embarrassing but it was our first attempt.

Character Design and scene concepts.




GIF animatic slices:

Final Animatic (collaboration)


FANART: A series of fanart comicish sketches.

More detailed stuff: Doctor Who 50th fan art, plus some Mass Effect, last ME is mostly a photo manipulation, just the head is drawn.


Character Design:

And Again with Poses and Turnarounds:

Comic Book Work: My own Firefly project that I’ve put aside (would have to revisit as I’ve had a lot of improvement since. Top are two panels I made and below are some sketches and character/ship design. Pretty old now.

Below here is a single panel uni piece I did, shown in some stages, including panel changes. I created a whole stack of images and designs, some not even relating to this. This came out as the final product.

COMICS: Extraordinary Lives of Physicists. I will post some of my personal Favourites. If you wish to see more than feel free to check them out on FB: ELP Comics



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