Graphite/Ink and Realism (grouped)

This is mostly a love affair with pop-culture stuff. Realistic drawings of my heroes and favourite things


This blog is to showcase my favourite and Older works. To give some instant eye candy to my new page … it will constantly be updated with new works added to their appropriate areas (as well as that works own blog update)


Tom Waits Portraits: It’s not hard to tell who my Muso Heroes are. I feel a little sorry for Roger Waters, the man was my man throughout my childhood and  most of my 20s, than somewhere along the way Tom’s works slowly took over until he became my main form of depressing music release … maybe one day he’ll be replaced too, I hope not though. Love this guy to bits. These were all done in 2016, also all use charcoal which is my first attempt (along with black papper. You can’t get the nice detail of graphite (or at least I can’t) but the sharpness of the whites and  blacks can’t be beat)


Roger Waters: Not to be outshined by Tom, Roger is still a great love. And this was made after watching the Wall at the cinemas (also saw him life, amazing stuff)
Used Inks for this one. I like the rough splotchy effect it made, that wasn’t intentional, a happy accident.


All About the Blues: Shaun Kirk an up and coming Aussie bluesman … talented, fun and a great entertainer.

Two by Two, the hands of the Blues



Doctor Who: Not hard to see who my favourite Doctor is (along with Pertwee, but they’re very similar) … The Rock Doctor completely won my heart when he became the Rock Doctor XD … guitars and Doctor Who, what isn’t there to love?
The drawing on the left is graphite pencil drawing, image was from a calendar of all things. Top right was graphite, ink and copic marker, bottom right pencil drawing which was then coloured in in photoshop.

Ironman: Next Obsession. I’ve love Ironman since the late 90s, but that love intensified when RDJ came along (heavy breathing) Needless to say I drew many an ironman picture both realistic and comic styles. Left is graphite drawing coloured in Photoshop, top right it graphite and bottom right is my first (And thus-far only) attempt at coloured pencils.

Firefly: Tribute to Ron Glass (aka Shepherd Derrial Book) Oddly enough only two days earlier I was toying with the idea of doing another Shep Book/Mass Effect mesh up for a tshirt … maybe I should do that now.


01/Dec/2016 – Tribute


Couple of these could fit in categories of themselves (or above) but I’ll only add a couple more so will put them here instead.

Left is Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom in who framed Roger Rabbit. This was one of my first Portraits completed with the new found discovered of smudging pens (I think that’s what they’re called) … this technic has opened a whole new world and made my work so much more  better. I drew this for my dad and even had the man sign it. Pretty exciting day even if enduring the crowds was painful and exhausting … also don’t dress up as Commander Shepard in 30+ degree heat where all you do is line up for hours on end, I’m pretty sure I suffered some heat stroke. Both right pictures are of my alien loves, top is the plain graphite drawing, bottom is the photoshop coloured version, just so you can see what the differences are. Photoshop is the bomb



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